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Fine Arts Studio: Loov Impulss / Creative Impulse

Made in the image of our Creator, we are all creative. Come discover your gifts! What’s your heart’s desire… to sing, dance, paint? Explore the world of fine arts with our excellent instructors. People of all ages are welcome! In addition to our ongoing classes, we offer special workshops in silk-screening, quilting, drawing, pottery, pantomime, and worship dance.
In the future, we plan to incorporate classes in drama, poetry, photography, graphic design, and film making…

Join us as we joyfully explore the arts!

MTÜ Loov Impulss
+ 372 59048945


Adult Fees:

one class 5 euro
1 month 20 euro

Children’s Fees (up to age 12):
1 month 15 euro

Private class 15 euro (45 min.)

Please make payments at the beginning of each month to MTÜ Loov Impulss account a/a 10220091910018